Are you thinking about trying the Highkey Snacks Low Carb Mini Cookies? Read my in-depth review below.

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We looked for the best keto cookies money could buy. Are High Key cookies the answer? Make sure you read my in-depth review before you purchase them.

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Sticking To A Keto Diet Can Be Hard..

Keto dieting is about reducing the amount of carbohydrates you consume in your daily diet. Some people erroneously assume that it is all about stuffing yourself with nothing but fat. While fat is not off limits, like it is in most diets, sugar, grains, flour, rice and starches definitely are. Though you may find it hard to stick to the diet sometimes, the benefits of keto are well worth it.

So, how are we expected to survive in a world of breadsticks, shrimp fried rice, and cookies?

Luckily, there is now a keto version of nearly every food there is. However, here is one keto substitution of the original chocolate chip cookie that you are going to really dig.

Here is my review of the HighKey Snacks Mini cookies. I got them via my keto diet box subscription, and found them on Amazon to purchase them a few more times.

HighKey Snacks Keto Food Low Carb Snack Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 3 Pack - Gluten Free & No Sugar Added, Healthy Diabetic, Paleo, Atkins Dessert Sweets, Diet Foods, Natural Ingredient Products

High Key Cookies Taste & Flavor

The chocolate used for the HighKey cookies is a combination of unsweetened chocolate, cocoa butter, erythritol, sunflower lecithin, and stevia extract. So there is no sweet milk chocolate here. Still, you can definitely taste the chocolate, You will not be denied that, for sure.

These cookies also have strong “notes” of shortbread and marzipan. However, there is none of that in these cookies. They are actually made from almond flour mixed with cream extracted from milk, coconut oil, stevia, and baking powder, among other things.

The aftertaste of marzipan and shortbread comes from a combination of the almond in the flour, butter, milk, sea salt, and coconut oil, all of which are used to form the dough. This is a good thing because it gives the cookies a natural almond scent that is quite inviting.

Cookie Nutrition information

At first sight, the packaging tells you exactly what you are getting. The picture of the mini cookies is right there along with the product’s nutritional value: 2g net carbohydrates (11g total carbs), 3g protein, and 13g fat.

These numbers are for a 6-cookie serving at 140 calories. This is a great ratio for a micronutrient budget because it is low-carb, high fat, and it is also low in protein and calories. All four of these macronutrients must be equally monitored during keto.

Keep in mind that the package contains 2 servings, at 6 cookies per serving. Therefore, consider this before you start snacking mindlessly. Even if you did eat the whole bag it should not wreak havoc in your diet. Just add or take away macronutrients from other daily meals to make up for what you consume with these cookies.

HighKey Snacks Keto Food Low Carb Snack Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 3 Pack - Gluten Free & No Sugar Added, Healthy Diabetic, Paleo, Atkins Dessert Sweets, Diet Foods, Natural Ingredient Products

Keto Cookie Texture

Upon touching the cookie, you will feel that it is a solid cookie. It is “doughy,” just like a mini Chips Ahoy. When you bite it, you can hear a crunch. Just don’t expect a crunch as generous as what you get from a mini Oreo or a mini Nutter Butter. This is a more subtle, “sandy” type of texture.

I have also compared this cookie, in terms of texture, to the lemon cookies from the Girl Scouts. For some reason, they make a huge mess when you bite them. They will crumble quickly, so be careful because you will need some napkins or paper towels to pick up after yourself.

Overall High Key Mini Cookies Experience

What you smell:
When you open the bag, you will first get a scent of almond with a hint of vanilla. If I were to describe the scent, I would call it a cookie-ish smell. It is really nice.

What you see:
When you look inside the bag, you may see some of the cookies already crumbled. They are messy and they crumble quickly. However, this is a good sign: it means that they are crunchy.

What you feel:
Upon biting the cookie, you will hear a crunch. You will also feel the texture of a shortbread cookie, with a hint of marzipan. This comes from the almond flour that this cookie is made with.

What you taste:
Finally, the taste will be sweet, but not overly sweet like you get with regular cookies. You will definitely taste the chocolate chips. You will also get the taste of butter and almond.

What you eat:
The cookies are thick enough to be satisfying just by eating one or two. However, if you end up eating the entire bag, you should not wreak too much havoc in your diet.

HighKey Snacks Keto Food Low Carb Snack Cookies, Chocolate Chip, 3 Pack - Gluten Free & No Sugar Added, Healthy Diabetic, Paleo, Atkins Dessert Sweets, Diet Foods, Natural Ingredient Products

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these cookies are worth trying. They are a wonderful substitute for regular mini cookies, especially when we are watching our carbohydrate and calorie intake.

These cookies are great for snacks and desserts. You can serve them with whipped cream topping, low carb fruits such as strawberries, or any time you feel like having something sweet, crunchy, and buttery.

Another good use for the cookies is as cheesecake crust, in particular the snickerdoodle variety. Just crush the cookies and bind the crumbs together with warm butter. Add the mix to a ramekin that you can bake some cheesecake mix in, and there you have it! Low carb cheesecake!

You can online and shop for them on Amazon. Treat yourself to a bag and remember to still eat them in moderation. You will love these cookies as much as I do.

Our Verdict - High Key Mini Cookies


The Good Stuff:
  • Perfect macronutrient content for keto dieters: low carb, high fat, low protein, low calories
  • Satisfying taste with nice chocolate flavor that can be tasted in each cookie
  • Nice, rich texture with hints of almond and butter
  • Good portions, at 12 cookies per bag
  • They are actually crunchy.
  • They are sold in multi-packs just like regular mini cookies
The Bad Stuff:
  • These cookies are not suitable for vegans, since they do contain milk.
  • The cookies may not be suitable for people who are lactose intolerant.
  • The almond flour texture may not be for people with digestive issues.
  • The crunch from these cookies is not like that of regular mini cookies.
  • Do not expect a replica of a Chip Ahoy or a Grandma’s mini cookie.

Try High Key Cookies for yourself!

Irresistable, crunchy mini-cookies designed for a keto diet.

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