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This is my review of Kiss My Keto bars after I found these bars looking for convenient Keto friendly snacks to take on the go. Make sure you read my in-depth review before you purchase it.

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Having Trouble Keeping Your Sweet Tooth At Bay?

Are you struggling to keep your sweet tooth at bay after starting the keto diet? I know I sure was. I was constantly reminding myself of all the deliciously mouth-watering sweets I could no longer have. It was torture. However, this all changed when I discovered Kiss My Keto snack bars.

So many low-carb bars claiming to fit into the keto diet are only satisfying during that instant when the chocolate first touches your taste buds and you are momentarily back in bliss. In the long run, however, most leave a weird taste after you eat them that is foul enough to hope you forget the entire experience.

I thought the days of enjoying myself were over, even if the benefits I saw with the keto diet far outweighed my desire to indulge here and there. I hated this, all I wanted was a chocolate bar that would not throw me out of ketosis and was delicious too.

Thankfully, a friend introduced me to Kiss My Keto snack bars before I went down the road of trying to convince myself that I did not even like chocolate or that the strange taste after eating other bars was actually enjoyable. Although, we all know that would not have worked.

Kiss My Keto Bars - Low Carb (3g Net), Low Sugar Keto Snack Bars | Chocolate Variety Pack, 12 Pack | Rich in Ketogenic Fats & Protein

What Makes Kiss My Keto Snack Bars So Great? 

Packed with nutrients, you can add Kiss My Keto snack bars to your keto diet plan without feeling guilty. All the ingredients meet the keto diet macro requirements, so it is the perfect excuse to indulge in an oh-so-sweet treat.

These snack bars have 13-grams of fat, 7-grams of fiber, 10% MCT oil, 9-grams of protein, and 0-grams of sugar. This means that they only have about 2-grams of net carbs.

You can even comprehend every word that is on the ingredient list. Which is unlike many keto-approved snack bars. If you do have to google something, then you will be relieved to know that you will not find a lengthy list of chemical compounds that may or may not also have a lengthy list of side-effects.

Kiss My Keto Bars - Low Carb (3g Net), Low Sugar Keto Snack Bars | Chocolate Variety Pack, 12 Pack | Rich in Ketogenic Fats & Protein

Keto Friendly Bars With High Quality Ingredients

Kiss My Keto snack bars are specially formulated so that they will not raise your insulin after a serving because they are made with 45% pure cacao, also known as genuine dark chocolate, and they are naturally sweetened with the lightest touch of Stevia and Erythritol. This makes them better for those who are using a keto diet for diabetes.

Do not let the idea of Stevia intrude your thoughts. It is common knowledge that a lot of people find Stevia overwhelmingly sweet with a bitter aftertaste. However, that is not true with Kiss My Keto snack bars.

They use just the slightest amount. So slight, that not one of the hundreds of five-star reviews docked points or even mentioned that they thought Stevia was the downfall.

Using Stevia instead of the maltitol that most other bars use means that Kiss My Keto also thought about your gastrointestinal system.

So long are the days of being punished after eating a maltitol-filled bar and having to endure approximately 12-hours of stomach bloat and gas just for trying to enjoy a protein-packed chocolate bar.

Now, if you are thinking that you do not know what erythritol is, then keep reading. If you have had any sort of commercially produced baked-good, then you have had erythritol. It is one of the most common sweeteners amongst bakers, and completely safe to consume.

Kiss My Keto somehow managed to do all this without sacrificing taste or texture. Let me tell you, these bars do not taste at all artificial as many keto-approved bars do. Plus, your sweet tooth will be thoroughly satisfied.

Kiss My Keto Bars - Low Carb (3g Net), Low Sugar Keto Snack Bars | Chocolate Variety Pack, 12 Pack | Rich in Ketogenic Fats & Protein

Pros of Kiss My Keto snack bars:

  • These bars are made with real ingredients.
  • They are designed to not affect ketosis.
  • Your insulin level will remain level thanks to Kiss My Keto’s light-handed addition of natural sweeteners
  • These bars resemble real chocolate in both taste and texture.
  • They are nutrient-packed, so you can rest assured that you will not feel like you have just binged on candy.
  • Kiss My Keto snack bars are individually wrapped, so they are great for when you need something to grab and go.

Cons of Kiss My Keto snack bars:

  • Whether the chocolate is keto-approved or not, chocolate is still susceptible to melting in the heat, so it is probably best to not leave them in the car.
  • They contain nuts, so those with nut allergies cannot experience the keto bliss that Kiss My Keto snack bars allow.
  • These bars are currently produced in a facility that also handles wheat. That means that if you are celiac, then it is probably best that you do not take the chance. 
  • There are only four flavors. Trust me, you will wish you had more.

Are These Low Carb Bars For You?

If you're not sure, just try them! A variety pack gets you each of the flavors to try, letting you discover which flavors are your favorite. It does not matter if you are on a strict keto diet or if you are just generally trying to opt for fewer carbs and sugar-filled snacks, Kiss My Keto snack bars will be the perfect satisfying pick-me-up that you have been searching for.

Stop letting your cravings rule you. Treat yourself to a Kiss My Keto snack bar today!

Our Verdict - Kiss My Keto Bars


Try Kiss My Keto Bars for yourself!

You won't want to go back to other 'keto' bars after trying these!

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