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Low-Carb Crunchy Cheese Crisp


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This is my review of Parcrisps Cheese Crisps while looking for crunchy, keto-friendly snacks. Make sure you read my in-depth review before you purchase it.

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Oven-Baked ParmCrisps; The Keto Dieter's Answer to a No Carb Snack

Three years ago, I had never heard about the Keto or Paleo diets. I’d heard about Atkins, yes, but wasn’t interested in their products. I came across the Keto diet online. This was the diet I chose. It has worked, but I had to give up food I loved.

One of my favorite things I had to give up on Keto was crackers. I am a saltine fan, so that's been difficult. Too high in carbohydrates. Most snacks are high in carbs, sad to say. I found a recipe online, one day that changed my way of thinking regarding snacks.

The recipe was for Low-Carb Parmesan Cheese Crisps. I love cheese, so this sounded like an exciting snack for me. After I baked my first batch, I was hooked. The deliciously melted parmesan cheese topped with spicy salsa was DA BOMB!

One drawback I found however, was the time that it took for me to bake these snacks. There were times I went without because I just didn’t have the time to make them. All this changed for me one day while I was in the checkout line at Walmart.

I love my own homemade version. However, I’m not patient when it comes to baking. Of course, I was skeptical when I eyed the Oven-Baked Original ParmCrisps. Would they pass the taste test when I don’t have time to bake?

So, out of curiosity, I bought a pouch of them that day. When I opened the bag and took my first taste, I was quite pleased. They were almost as good as mine. Three simple ingredients. They are the ideally the perfect on-the-go snack.

ParmCrisps - Original Cheese Parm Crisps, Made Simply with 100% REAL Parmesan Cheese |Healthy Keto Snacks, Low Carb, High Protein, Gluten Free, Oven Baked, Keto-Friendly| 1.75 Oz (Pack of 12)

Multiple Tasty Cheese Crisp Flavors

Did you know that the Oven-Baked ParmCrisps come in a variety of flavors? I didn’t know, until recently. I’d only seen Original for sale. Besides, that’s the only flavor I knew how to make. I, also, have no creativity when it comes to baking.

Did you know, also, that the Oven-Baked ParmCrisps not only come in the pouch form, but they’re also available in tub form? I didn’t know that, either. The tubs come in a different variety of flavors from the pouches, so you have more choices.

I was amazed when I discovered the variety of flavors in either form. I thought I was in heaven! My poor Original flavor moved from my #1 position to my #2 spot. What flavor bumped to the top of my list? Pizza! Any day is Pizza Day now!

ParmCrisps - Original Cheese Parm Crisps, Made Simply with 100% REAL Parmesan Cheese |Healthy Keto Snacks, Low Carb, High Protein, Gluten Free, Oven Baked, Keto-Friendly| 1.75 Oz (Pack of 12)

No Carbs To Worry About

With little or no carbs to be found, you can indulge in your favorite flavor with no guilt. You may not enjoy the Pizza flavor like I do, you can be sure that you’ll find a flavor that suits your taste buds. They truly are the best alternative cracker.

If you’re serving crackers, cheese and wine for that special gathering, ParmCrisps are your guilt-free way to join in on the feast. No one will miss the crackers. Amazingly, your guests will love the way that they make the wine taste smoother.

If you’re preference is the pouch form, there’s a variety of flavors that you can choose from. These flavors include; the trustworthy Original, Sesame, Cheddar and Sour Cream. Do you love Mexican food? You might like the Jalapeno flavor.

If your taste buds require a bit more lavish, richer flavor, the tubs come in a different array of flavors than the pouches. You’ll find flavors such as; the trusty Original, Everything, Italian Herbs, Basil, Pesto, Rosemary, and Prosciutto.

What’s the best thing about the Crisps? No matter what flavor you love, the delicious ParmCrisps can go on nearly everything! For instance, they are an ideal alternative for crackers in soups. They are delectable as toppings on salads. Even my friends who are following a keto diet for diabetes love them!

Simple Ingredients & Keto Friendly

They are made from 100% aged Wisconsin Cheese. They are always oven-baked to perfection in small batches. Since there’s no carbs, you don’t have to feel guilty if you devour an entire bag, as I have done. They’re packed with 9g protein.

Maybe you’re on the Paleo or Atkins diet and wondering if you can eat ParmCrisps also. No worries! These wonderful ParmCrisps are approved for your diet as well. Indulge. Enjoy. Remember there’s a flavor for you, too.

ParmCrisps are always sugar-free, so there’s virtually no impact on ketosis. They are only 100 calories per serving. They are both wheat and gluten-free. They’re not made with anything that’s GMO. They’re also a great source of calcium.

ParmCrisps - Original Cheese Parm Crisps, Made Simply with 100% REAL Parmesan Cheese |Healthy Keto Snacks, Low Carb, High Protein, Gluten Free, Oven Baked, Keto-Friendly| 1.75 Oz (Pack of 12)

My Final Thoughts On ParmCrisps

If you love the homemade version, but time is of essence, you’ll certainly enjoy grabbing a bag of the Oven-Baked ParmCrisps. You’ll love not only the simplicity of convenience, but also the quality taste in each pouch or tub. You’ll be pleased.

When you want a snack that’s guilt-free, and tastes great, reach for the Oven-Baked ParmCrisps. With a flavor that you love, these cheesy, delicious snacks are a perfect on-the-go snack, especially for those watching their ketosis levels.

Our Verdict - ParmCrisps Cheese Crisps


The Good Stuff:
  • Very few carbs per serving.
  • High in protein.
  • Very crunchy to satisfy carb cravings.
  • Even your non-keto friends will love them!
The Bad Stuff:
  • More expensive than non-keto crisps or crackers.
  • ParmCrisp flavors can be strong.
  • Packages are small.

Try ParmCrisps for yourself!

A convenient, crunchy snack for around the house.

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