Custom Keto Diet Review

Custom Keto Diet Review
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Personalized Keto Meal Plan & Guide




Can a customized diet plan help you stick to keto and lose weight faster? We tried the Custom Keto Diet to see for ourselves.

What Is The Custom Keto Diet?

Custom Keto Diet is a personalized meal plan that’s tailored for you. It includes an 8-week plan at a lost cost, one-time fee. There are no hidden subscriptions or fees involved. They cover and customize everything you may want to eat or what you can’t eat. They include special diets like intermittent fasting, vegan, and vegetarian options.

They even offer options for those that don’t have the time to cook every day and instructions for those that do. Before you sign up you can choose all your food options. Once you’re signed up, you have the option to swap ingredients in case you don’t feel like eating a certain protein or vegetable that day.

You never have to worry if you’re getting proper nutrition because your plan is designed by nutrition and fitness experts. For those wanting to start a ketogenic diet but don’t know where to begin, Custom Keto Diet does all the work for you.

Custom Keto Diet Features

About The Diet Plan

Custom Keto Diet was designed with you in mind. They realize that sticking to a diet plan can be difficult if it’s too restrictive. Rachel Roberts, a fitness expert, and dietitian created this plan with goals in mind. Custom Keto Diet’s goals are to be effective, convenient, and enjoyable.

Main Custom Keto Features

There are many features you get when you sign up with Custom Keto Diet. You get Custom Keto Diet for a low price compared to its competitors. Many charge hundreds of dollars for a meal plan that’s a repetitive cost.

Custom Keto Diet sells for a fraction of the cost at less than $40 and charges a one-time fee. Users can use various payment methods from debit cards, major credit cards, or even PayPal. The one-time fee also allows users to access their meal plan for life.

Custom Keto Diet includes an 8-week meal plan that’s tailored to fit your personal needs. Your meal plan is designed by nutritionists, personal trainers, and chefs that are there to help make sure you reach your fitness goals. Your meals are based on your macros and caloric intake.

However, you’re not limited with your food. Your meals are tailored to a specific macro and calorie plan but that doesn’t mean you don’t have flexibility. Before you even reach the payment section, you are offered a range of choices on what you prefer to eat.

For example, if you don’t like eating pork or chicken, you don’t have to select it and all your meals will be void of it. Custom Keto Diet is vegan and vegetarian friendly as well. The same options go if you are vegan or vegetarian too! 

8-Week Personalized Meal Plan

Select the no meat option or fish and you won’t be given meal plans with meat in them. You also can choose if you want eggs, cheese, nuts, coconuts, cottage cheese, and certain vegetables. The customization doesn’t stop there. Once you’re given your meal plan, if you don’t feel like eating chicken that day or bacon, you can swap it for an option that matches your macros. 

This makes it easier to stick to your diet because you won’t be stuck eating the same things over and over. It always ensures you’re getting proper nutrition. 

Not everyone knows how to cook or is the best cook. Custom Keto Diet brings you step-by-step instructions. You’ll never be lost when it comes to cooking your meals. You even get a downloadable grocery list you can print or keep with you on your phone. It also accounts for those that don’t have the time to cook. 

Custom Keto Diet knows that some people have busy lives. They know that sometimes you may need to stop by a fast-food joint for a quick meal. This doesn’t mean you will have to stray too far from your macros.

They offer “keto-friendly” options at your favorite fast-food joints. It even takes into account those that practice intermittent fasting and will allow you to plan to eat around your schedule. Custom Keto Diet even portion controls for you. No more trouble having to learn how much you should be eating. They do they work for you!

This doesn’t even include all the features Custom Keto Diet has to offer. You get access to recipes on smoothies, sweet foods, savory foods, a Keto 101 video, and an eBook.

With the Custom Keto Diet you get..

  • Cheap 8-week customizable meal plan
  • eBooks and video on Keto
  • Lifetime access to your meal plan
  • Downloadable grocery lists
  • Recipes with step-by-step instructions
Custom Keto Meals Preferences

Pricing Of Custom Keto Diet

Many programs charge around $900 for a standard meal plan. Today, you can get Custom Keto Diet for just a one-time payment of $37. The regular price is $97. You input your age, height, weight, and the choice of foods you want to be included.

Then, they take you to a secure site where you enter your email and payment information on their secure site. Once you pay, you have complete lifetime access to your 8-week meal plan. There are no hidden fees or extra subscription fees.

There are various payment options from credit cards to debit cards like Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. They even have a PayPal for those not wanting to use their card.

Ease Of Use

The features of Custom Keto Diet are very user-friendly. You can access your customized plan through your computer, tablet, or your phone, so you can always log your food intake. It would be ideal for them to include a mobile app, but it does work just fine without one.

At first glance, you have the option to watch a video on the website or a readable version. Both describe the same things the plan has to offer. The major difference with the video is you hear from the creator of the plan herself and get a little background from her.

If you’re pressed for time, the video is the better option than reading. The website itself does contain a lot of information and can be a little overwhelming for a beginner and the video makes it easier to digest.

On the read-only page. You get a brief overview of what the plan offers. However, it doesn’t tell you everything the plan gives you. It’s missing some introduction videos on keto, eBooks, and recipes for sweet and savory foods.

Before you sign-up and pay the one-time fee, you’re asked a series of questions. These questions range from your height and weight, activity level, and food preferences. They’re used to determine your macros and calorie intake per day.

They even include how much water you should be drinking a day. To access your specific meal plan, you click the “sign-up” button. It will then take you to a secured site where you can choose to purchase the plan using any major debit or credit card. PayPal is also available as a payment option.

The plan costs a one-time fee of $37 and once it’s purchased, you have lifetime access to the site and your plan.

Once you have access, you can then choose to swap ingredients if you aren’t in the mood for a certain ingredient like bacon for beef or spinach for broccoli. You can center your mealtimes around intermittent fasting or look at fast-food friendly options if you don’t have time to cook that night.

Everything is customizable. Your caloric intake and your macros will adjust according to your logs, so you never have to do any calculations yourself. It will even give you portion sizes for each meal to keep you fuller longer and reduce your cravings. The website itself is a great tool for those that are wanting to lose weight while having the flexibility to eat more foods than the traditional keto diet.

Increase Your Keto Fat Burning

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there a mobile app for the plan?
A: You can access your plan on your phone or tablet but there’s no mobile app at this time.

Q: Does the plan update your macros if you swap ingredients?
A: Yes! Whenever you enter what you eat, it automatically recalculates your macros and calories.

Q: Do I have to limit what foods I eat?
A: Like with any diet, moderation is key. On a traditional keto diet, you will have to give up a lot of types of food, especially fast-food. However, with Custom Keto Diet you can eat fast-food! Now, this doesn't mean you can go crazy. It just means they understand that you can't always cook and offer options to substitute for that.

Q: Can I be refunded if I don’t like it?
A: Yes! If you try it for the full 8-weeks and end up not enjoying the product, you can send a request a refund with your receipt.

1-Week Custom Meal Plan Trial

Try the custom keto diet meal plan for one week with the $1 trial!

Why Choose Keto?

There are a plethora of reasons why someone might choose to go on a keto diet. Many studies have found that keto diets have health benefits, especially for those with certain conditions. Keto diets have been shown to lower cholesterol and triglycerides, improve blood pressure and blood sugar, reduce appetite, and boost weight loss.

Triglycerides and HDL Cholesterol 

We’ve all heard about how cholesterol and triglycerides are important for a healthy heart. We’ve also heard how they lead to heart disease if we don’t eat properly. Low-fat diets show that triglycerides increase while on low carb they reduce. The HDL levels rise exponentially on low carb diets because they call for an increase in fat intake.

Visceral Fat

You lose more visceral fat on a keto diet than subcutaneous fat. Visceral fat is stored in the abdominal cavity and is harmful to your organs and body. Most overweight men tend to have a large amount of visceral fat. Visceral fat has the potential to cause inflammation, insulin resistance, and metabolic dysfunction. Keto diets have shown to be effective in reducing visceral fat and reducing the risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Health Conditions

Some health conditions that benefit from ketogenic diets include epilepsy, brain disorders, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes.

Epilepsy and Brain Disorders

In epilepsy, the ketones are burned by the brain, and up to 50% experience a reduction in their seizures. 16% become seizure-free when using ketogenic diets as a treatment. Due to the findings in epileptic children, other brain disorders are being studied with ketogenic diets as the treatment. Some of these include Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

Metabolic Syndrome

Metabolic syndrome is a condition in which your risk of diabetes and heart disease is raised. Those with metabolic syndrome have symptoms like high blood pressure, high triglycerides, low “good” HDL cholesterol, abdominal obesity, and high blood sugars. Studies show that not only do keto diets reduce the symptoms, but it can eliminate them.

Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetics are often recommended ketogenic diets. Studies show that they reduce blood sugars and insulin levels. Those that start ketogenic diets reduce their insulin medications by 50% immediately. Up to 95% reduce or eliminate their medication within six months.

Weight Loss

However, medical conditions aren’t the primary reason people start a ketogenic diet. In recent years, ketogenic diets have become a staple for weight loss. Many use ketogenic diets as their main way to lose weight and others use it as a jumpstart to weight loss. Unlike fad diets, studies on ketogenic diets do show weight loss. It’s considered one of the most effective ways to lose weight. Studies show that low-carb diets are more effective than low-fat diets even when calorie restriction is in place.

Low-carb diets work by reducing water weight from the body. This leads to lower insulin levels and rapid weight loss at first. It also has the bonus of suppressing your appetite. Appetite suppression is a major plus for those that struggle with regular diets.

Regular diets often leave people feeling hungry and can cause those to not stick with their diet or consume more. Studies show that cutting carbs in place for more protein and fat leads to less calorie intake and more weight loss.

One study showed that low-carb diets in obese adults were more effective than conventional diet methods. These effects lasted for up to six months before becoming comparable to a conventional diet.

Whatever your reasons for choosing a ketogenic diet, you are sure to reap health benefits.

Are Keto Diets Safe?

Ketogenic diets are generally safe. However, when users first start, they can experience some negative symptoms like brain fog, mood swings, and even more serious issues like deficiencies, liver issues, kidney problems, and constipation. Be sure to always check with a doctor before starting any diet or exercise plan.

Step By Step Custom Plan

My Final Thoughts

Custom Keto Diet is a great tool. It has all the workings that your everyday food log has but more. You can log your intake and it will readjust or account for any special diets like intermittent fasting or vegan foods.

If you’re a person who’s on the go and find it difficult to cook, you get offered keto-friendly options for fast-food. Unlike the commercial meal plans that cost hundreds of dollars with hidden fees and subscriptions, Custom Keto Diet is a one-time fee of only $39. The fee unlocks your custom plan with videos, recipes, downloadable grocery lists, and customization you won’t find with other plans.

If for any reason, after the 8-weeks you’re unhappy with the plan, you can request a refund. It can use a few changes like the addition of a mobile app, more knowledge on what the plan has before purchasing, and maybe an addition of a fitness plan as well for more advanced users.

Overall, the plan itself is perfect for anyone wanting to lose weight with a flexible keto diet. Don’t waste another minute being unhappy with your lifestyle and make the necessary changes today by signing up for Custom Keto Diet today.

Custom Keto Diet Features

Our Verdict - Custom Keto Diet Plan


The Good Stuff:
  • No hidden fees or reoccurring subscriptions.
  • One-time sign-up fee.
  • Accepts all major credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal.
  • Lifetime access to meal plans whenever you want.
  • Downloadable and printable grocery lists for your weekly meals.
  • Customizable meal plans that include substitution for ingredients, intermittent fasting, and fast-food.
  • Step-by-step recipe instructions to make the meals.
  • Macros and calories are tracked and updated when you enter your food.
  • Portions are set up for you.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Plan doesn’t consist of any exercise plans.
  • Plan is accessible on your phone but there’s no app for it.
  • You don’t know all of the features until you purchase it.

Create Your Keto Meal Plan

Create your meal plan based on your body and meal preferences

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