Is Sour Cream Keto Friendly

Can You Eat Sour Cream On Keto

The Ketogenic Diet is really trending right now. You may be wondering what this diet is all about and what specifically you can eat while on it. For instance, can I have sour cream?

Let’s take a look at what the Ketogenic (Keto) Diet is, how it works, and where sour cream fits into the meal plan. I think many of us really enjoy a bit of sour cream to add tangy flavor and creamy texture to some favorite dishes.

What Is The Keto Diet?

Basically, the premise of the keto diet is to bring your body into a state of ketosis. Our livers produce chemicals called ketones when carbohydrate intake is restricted. Ketones can be used for energy when there aren’t adequate amounts of glucose that you would normally burn as fuel.

Carbohydrates provide us with glucose or sugar that we break down and metabolize to have enough energy to get through the day. When glucose is not available, the body is able to convert fat stores into ketones that can be used as a primary fuel source. This ability to burn fat for energy is called ketosis.

The upside to burning stored fat is that you will likely shed some pounds and perhaps build lean muscle mass. Of course, it makes sense that you also exercise while on a Keto Diet.

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How to Eat on the Keto Diet

The ketogenic diet consists of eating a scientifically researched and prescribed ratio of fat to protein to carbohydrate macronutrients. Each plate of food should be comprised of approximately 70% fat, 25% protein, and 5% specific carbohydrates. As you can see, your primary source of calories is in the form of fat.

You might be scratching your head. How will all that fat help me to lose weight? Simply put, eating more fat and less carbohydrates will force your body to burn that fat.

Types of Low Carb Diets And Foods

Foods to Include

Now that you know the ratios of fat to protein to carbs, let’s take a look at what you can eat on the diet. It should be noted that the architects of the Keto Diet recommend that the foods you consume be of high quality, such as organic, pasture raised, wild caught, and non-GMO. If that is out of your budget or not easily sourced, just go for the freshest and least processed foods you can find locally.

Allowed Foods (Low Carb)

  • Pasture raised animal proteins: poultry, beef, pork, lamb, and offal
  • Eggs from free-range or cage-free birds
  • Wild caught seafood: fresh fish, shellfish, canned fish
  • Bone broth
  • Healthy fats: butter, olive oil, coconut oil, ghee, avocado oil, lard
  • Fresh non-starchy vegetables
  • Fresh non-starchy fruits in moderation
  • Dairy: cheese, cream, raw milk, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt
  • Nuts and seeds in moderation
  • Limited soy: tofu, wheat free tamari, unsweetened soy milk
  • Low carbohydrate condiments
  • Foods to Avoid On This Diet

    You are probably wondering if you will ever be able to have a sandwich or a bowl of spaghetti again. The answer is yes. However, you will need to be a little creative.

    It is possible to substitute zucchini noodles and spaghetti squash for pasta. Breads made from nut meals or coconut flour can be eaten in moderation.

    Disallowed Foods

  • All grains, grasses, cereals, and rice
  • Bread, pasta, and pizza made from grain flours
  • Gluten: wheat, barley, and rye
  • Commercially farmed, grain-fed animal proteins
  • Commercially farmed fish
  • High starch vegetables
  • High starch fruits
  • Legumes (beans)
  • Sweeteners: sugar, honey, agave, maple syrup
  • Processed, packaged, and “substitute” foods
  • Low Carb Sour Cream

    What is Sour Cream

    Now that you have an overview of the Keto Diet, let’s get back to how sour cream fits in. Sour cream is a lactic-acid fermented cream that is thick, creamy, and acidic. It is a delicious addition to sauces, soups, stews, dressings, and dips.

    Sour cream has less lactose (milk sugar) than heavy cream and milk due to the way it is fermented with bacteria that feeds on the lactose. This makes it easier to digest, especially for those who are lactose intolerant.

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    Nutrition of Sour Cream

    There is a lot to like about sour cream. It is fatty and nutritionally dense, making it a powerful Keto friendly food. Here is the nutritional makeup of 1 cup of sour cream.

    Calories & Nutrients

    • Calories: 198
    • Saturated fat: 10.1 grams
    • Monounsaturated fat: 4.6 grams
    • Polyunsaturated fat: .8 grams
    • Carbohydrates: 4.5 grams
    • Protein: 2.44 grams
    Vitamins (Daily Values)

    • Vitamin A: 14% DV
    • Riboflavin (B-2): 13% DV
    • Pantothenic acid (B-5): 9% DV
    • Vitamin B12: 9% DV
    • Choline: 3% DV
    • Vitamin E: 3% DV
    • Vitamin B6: 2% DV
    • Folate: 2% DV
    • Thiamine (B1): 2% DV
    Minerals (Daily Values)

    • Calcium: 8% DV
    • Selenium: 7% DV
    • Phosphorus: 6% DV
    • Potassium: 3% DV
    • Zinc: 3% DV
    • Magnesium: 2% DV
    • Copper: 2% DV
    Cottage Cheese and Sour Cream Keto

    Sour Cream in the Keto Diet

    As you can see, sour cream is high in fat and lower in carbohydrates. There are considerable amounts of unsaturated fats in this food. This allows sour cream to fit nicely into the Keto Diet.

    The key to incorporating sour cream into your Keto Diet is to use some restraint. This creamy treat can pack a punch in terms of calories. It is probably best to limit your intake of this fatty food to a tablespoon or so per meal.

    It can be stirred into meat stews for a creamy and tangy sauce. Make salad dressing that has some sour cream added for that ranch or green goddess flavor and consistency. Sour cream is also terrific added to vegetable casseroles.

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    Final Thoughts

    The Ketogenic Diet is a great plan to help you lose some excess body fat, increase lean muscle mass, and perhaps reduce inflammation. The great thing about this diet is that it has some really flavorful foods on it. One of those being sour cream.

    Sour cream is high in fat and low in sugar. There is no need to deprive yourself of this tasty dairy condiment when dieting if you are trying to create a state of ketosis. Just be mindful of total caloric intake and be sure to include an exercise routine when using this plan for weight loss and improved health.

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