The Top 14 Best Keto Fast Food Options For Eating Low-Carb

Finding Keto Fast Food Options On-The Go

Leading a busy life might leave you with very little time to yourself. It will be hard to do anything you love during any free time you might have. Even worse, you will have a hard time losing weight if you are trying to do so with a busy schedule. For instance, you will not have enough time to meal prep and prepare all your food at home.

Well, during such times, you will likely develop a habit of driving around fast food restaurants looking for something to eat. Going to an actual restaurant might not be ideal especially because it takes too much time. That’s why fast food will be the best choice during these situations. Well, if you are practicing the Keto diet, you should know that it’s not ideal to eat fast foods.

However, there are a few Keto fast food options you can find at some of these restaurants. You will actually get something to satisfy your urges and still keep doing the diet. Here’s what you need to know about Keto Fast Food Options and how to find the best ones for you. 

The Best Keto Fast Food Options

Of course, fast food is not the first choice especially when you are doing the Keto diet. However, if you don’t have any other option, it will work for you too. Here are some of the best Keto fast food options you can choose and still keep doing the diet. Remember, most fast food places serve an obscene amount of fries so you need to stay away from them. Yes, they might be tempting but you need to stay away from them if you want to actually get results from your dieting.

Of course, fast food is not the first choice especially when you are doing the Keto diet. However, if you don’t have any other option, it will work for you too. Here are some of the best Keto fast food options you can choose and still keep doing the diet. Remember, most fast food places serve an obscene amount of fries so you need to stay away from them. Yes, they might be tempting but you need to stay away from them if you want to actually get results from your dieting.

1. McDonald’s

If you are looking for a breakfast option, you can get amazing breakfast sandwiches here. For the best results, you should stay away from the buns. You can take them with some coffee to get that much needed caffeine boost.

For any other meal during the day, make sure you choose the grilled chicken. It’s the best option if you want to do a low-carb meal but still remain with the keto diet. If you are looking for a burger option, you can do it without ketchup or the bun. Note that, ketchup contains extra sugar that will throw the whole ketosis system off.

There’s always the option of eating the burger without the bun. If you take fewer carbs, you will reduce your problems considerably. Therefore, take these options if you ever find yourself in McDonald’s.

2. Jack In The Box

You can’t call it a sourdough Jack if there isn’t the sourdough. Well, it’s easy enough to make this a keto-friendly option when you leave out the sourdough bread or bun. The company is renowned for their variety of buttery burgers which can be taken as a keto appropriate meal once the bun is full of butter. If you don’t love beef, you can chose the grilled chicken salad. If you love breakfast food, you should order the country scrambler plate and leave out the homestyle potatoes. 

3. Burger King

If you find yourself at Burger King, you need to keep things simple with whoppers, burgers and grilled chicken sandwiches. Of course, you need to leave out the bun and the ketchup from your meal. Don’t buy the fancy sandwiches because some of them have extra toppings loaded with carbs. Therefore, you need to be extremely careful about the extra carbs that might ruin the ketosis process. 

subway chicken sandwich low carb

4. Subway

You can always eat fresh food with low carbs at this chain fast food place. Rather than getting the usual sub, you should choose a salad. Even better, you can choose some of the favorites such as tuna, cold cut, club, Italian BMT and much more. They can all be made into salads where they are evenly dressed and tossed to order. Don’t order the meatballs or sweet onion teriyaki. Also, don’t choose the overly sugary dressings and your low carb diet will be perfect.

5. KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken)

When you hear KFC, you don’t imagine any promising low carb options. However, there are a few options you should choose for your keto diet. First, you should choose the grilled options available. Don’t choose anything fried because it is way out of the keto diet plans.

As for the side options, your choices are limited. Here, you can only go for green beans. It’s the only food option on the menu that you can choose as a side and stick to the keto diet plans.

6. Popeyes

It’s one of the favorites for most people looking for a fast food place. They have amazing food options, even for people looking for keto-friendly dishes. You have so many things to choose here including blackened chicken tenders and 2 net carbs. Even better, you can enjoy the various flavours and spices.

You can order some Louisiana hot sauce to get an extra kick. There is also the batter-less chicken option. If you are still feeling hungry after all this, you can’t go wrong with the low-carb green beans. A great bonus is the bacon bits usually scattered throughout the food options.

7. Wendy's

It’s always the first choice for fast food. Their burgers are to die for compared to other burger joints. However, if you are looking for a keto option, make sure your burger doesn’t have buns. You can’t go wrong with the baconators, double stacks and grilled chicken sandwiches because they are excellent options.

If you must add condiments on your sandwiches, you should add mustard or mayonnaise because there are no other acceptable options in this case. Don’t order the salads but you can pick out the croutons and avoid the salad dressing unless it's a keto version. Note that, the salads are full of carbs that you will not need.

8. Panda Express

Yes, this might not be the best low-carb choice out there. However, if you love the food chain, there are still a few options included in this list you can also choose. They have delicious food so rather than choosing the rice or chow mein, you should go for the steamed veggies. These should be the base of your meal.

The restaurant is also rolling out a veggie-based dish called Super Greens with cabbage tossed in a wok with garlic, broccoli and kale. They have a keto-friendly teriyaki chicken, string bean chicken and sans sauce. Make sure you eat everything in moderation because the savory and sweet ginger ginger glaze might also have a few carbs in it.

9. Taco Bell

Yes, Taco Bell is always a good choice when you want some fast food. However, if you are doing the ketogenic diet, it might not be such a good choice. They don’t have low carb tortillas and taco shells to choose from. The best way to do this would be ordering a taco and eating it without the shell. It is not satisfying but if you are in a hurry, you can actually get the job done.

10. Chipotle

You can actually make any Chipotle bowl friendly enough for your Keto diet. Here, you will remove the rice and the beans from the order but add lettuce to make the meal hearty and satisfying. You can also add some guacamole to get the healthy fats you need in your diet. Even better, add some gueso to make the meal richer. Avoid the corn salsa but choose the tomato salsa because it’s a great option.

11. In-N-Out Burger

Most people don’t actually get to experience the luxury that comes with this restaurant. However, if you have ever been lucky enough to eat food from this restaurant, you know how delicious and scrumptious it can be. The best thing about it is that you can actually order a burger full of protein.

They will simply replace the bun with the lettuce wrap and reduce the carbs present in the whole meal. You can add some mayonnaise or mustard if you want to but the restaurant has their own spread they add to the burgers for the best delicious meal.

12. Arby's

It’s one of the largest and most renowned fast food sandwich chains in the US. One of the popular items on the menu include the Roast Beef Classic. However, there are many other options on their menu such as ham, steak, brisket, turkey and chicken.

You can order any of these without adding the bread and enjoy a low-carb and high-protein meal. The company provides a nutrition calculator on their official website. Here you can customize your order to make sure you don’t eat too many carbs.

Take an instance if you order Smokehouse Brisket plus sauce and Gouda cheese. You can also add a side salad of about 5 grams of digestible carbs and about 32 grams of protein.

13. Five Guys

If you want an amazing burger, this is the place to go. You might have a hard time not ordering the bun but if you want to follow your ketogenic diet, you need to be aware of everything you are putting in your body. Well, you can add as many toppings as possible without any extra charges so take advantage of that.

Most of these toppings have few carbs. Even better, you can have lettuce wrap for your burgers or get a to-go box without adding the bun. Basically, it’s a large bowl of the burger with all the toppings added in there. Basically, you will be getting more food without really missing out on anything.

You can also enjoy your bowl of peanuts while waiting for the food so you will get more proteins into your body and eventually fewer carbs.

14. Chick-Fil-A

It’s one of the famous fast food options but they are closed on Sundays, especially when you need it the most. Of course, you will not get many keto options here but they have amazing ones for those available. They have amazing chicken options including delicious grilled chicken you can enjoy at any time.

For the best results, you should choose the grilled chicken nuggets. However, when you are choosing a superfood option for a side dish, you need to be extremely careful because they are full of carbs. The same goes for the sauces.

If you have ever been to this restaurant you know how good their food actually is. It’s a great place for anyone looking for a quick fast food option that is keto-friendly. However, don’t get the burritos, tacos or bowls. However, you can always choose the salad.

Make sure the salad doesn’t contain beans because they will remove the flavor immediately. You can choose any type of meat you want but you should stick with the shredded cheese for a topping. You can increase the flavor by getting some salsa but don’t add too much since there will be carbs. You can also choose the sour cream and the guacamole for the best results with your flavor.

In Conclusion

Basically, with all these fast food options, you need to stay away from buns. When you request it, most of these restaurants will remove it for you. Even if they fail to do that, you can always remove it yourself. Lucky enough, you can choose any of the places that offer a lettuce wrap instead of the buns. You can actually go crazy with this option.

Keto-friendly diets means you should do away with anything that contains bread. If possible stick to the grilled options. Also, don’t go crazy with the condiments since most of them contains carbs that might be too tricky for your diet. If you are not sure, you can’t go wrong with choosing mustard!

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